The Guadalupe County Youth Livestock and Homemakers Show - January 18-22, 2022

January 16-19, 2019
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The Guadalupe County Youth Livestock and Homemakers Show is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Guadalupe County Youth Show Scholarship Information and Application
The scholarship form below is for seniors who participated in the 2020 Guadalupe County Youth Show. This scholarship is made possible through the efforts of the Youth Show Gala and Guadalupe County Youth Show.  It is a great opportunity to help pay for college.

Scholarship Application Deadline is April 1, 2022

Please follow the link to the new online scholarship application.

2020 Scholarship Recipients


Karson Kelso - Rodney Kelso Memorial

Madyson Schulze - Yvonne Schneider Memorial

Nathan Friesenhahn - Genevieve Moore Memorial

Shannon Anderson - Mildred Woerndel Memorial

Savannah Luensmann - Gus Pearson Memorial

Holly Parsons

Lindsi Thormalen



2019 Scholarship Recipients


Taylor Mills - Lauren Woerndel Memorial

Presley Pence - Gus Person Memorial

Kaitlyn Purdum - Mildred Woerndel Memorial

Bradin Hanselka

Aschlen Harborth

Summer Morgenroth

Mason Reasor

Paige Hardeer

Kaitlyn Ploetz



2018 Scholarship Recipients


Ashlee Carley, Marion FFA/Seguin 4H

Faith Erwin, Seguin FFA/Seguin 4H

Nicholas Fulbright, Cibolo Creek FFA

Chrystina Green, Marion FFA

Meg Kosub, Clemens 4-H

Bailey McAnulty, McQueeney 4-H

Leah McDonald, Navarro FFA



2015 Scholarship Recipients


Ty Bateman, Marion FFA
Colton Campos, Marion FFA

Kailey Ites, Cibolo Creek FFA

Page Kosub, Clemens 4-H

Mitchell Moczygemba, Navarro 4-H

Lori Kaye Schniers, Navarro 4-H



2012-2013 Scholarship Recipients


Amanda Bush, Seguin FFA

David Germann, Marion

Katilyn Herzog, Navarro

Kaitlyn Kiappelman, New Berlin 4-H - Rev. James Witschorke Memorial

Wayne Morse, Navarro FFA

Arthur Murray, Marion FFA